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septembre 13, 2012

The Number 1 in ham slicing becomes ambassador for Victorinox knives

Florencio Sanchidrián – his skills are as extraordinary as his name. The Spaniard is namely also the world champion in ham slicing. In addition, he is a new "Friend of the Brand" for our household and professional knives. We are proud to have been able to add the voice of Sanchidrián, an experienced professional and artist, to those singing the praises of Victorinox knives. 

No matter how good a "jamón ibérico" (air-dried Spanish ham) may be, it takes Sanchidrián's artistry to slice it in such a way that it becomes a masterful delicacy. The Spaniard's track record is impressive: "Ham Slicing World Champion", "Gold Knife Champion", holder of the Guinness record for the "longest slice of ham", "Best Ham Slicing Master of the World" and "Ham World Ambassador" for the International Academy of Gastronomy. This naturally means that Sanchidrián is a popular guest at large events with public appeal, such as Grand Prix happenings, Olympic Games, Grand Slams or Champions League matches, but also at royal celebrations and political events. It goes without saying that he's a household name at gastronomy and tourism trade fairs too. 

So this man has a thing or two to offer; and above all, he has a goal: top quality – down to the last detail. This also makes him a perfect match for Victorinox knives. For instance, he uses only the best ham from the most accomplished producers, and relies on the strongest and sturdiest ham stands – and on premium-quality knives. 

Here, the master puts his trust in Swiss brands, or to be more exact: in the Victorinox salmon and ham slicing knife with a non-fluted edge. There are good reasons for this: our knives are made from the best steel, which possesses the necessary rigidity and the desired elasticity; they also satisfy all safety requirements. The Number 1 has already carved thousands of ibérico hams with Victorinox knives – without incident. 

In homage to the delicate art of ham slicing and as a sign of our quality-driven partnership, a signed series of Sanchidrián's favorite knife will soon be available for purchase in Spain.

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