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février 17, 2013

Storytelling - Movie produced by Victorinox to promote a new Chronograph

Victorinox Swiss Army watch division based in Biel has produced an amazing video "The Exchange" to promote a limited edition watch called Original Chronograph Limited Edition.

Have a look on this mini website dedicated to the new chronograph and watch this wonderful video

Wenger/Victorinox Fusion - eBay sellers with crazy high prices

The Swiss Army Heritage 1893 Limited Edition knife is a replica of the first Wenger knife made on this premise. Only 1,983 of these replicas have been made but have been hard to sell due to their high price (around 500 USD). With the recent announcement of Wenger knives fusion with Victorinox, crazy prices can be seen on eBay. Nobody actually bid on this auction...

Wenger Swiss Army Heritage 1893 Limited Edition Knife Features:

3" Large blade
Can opener
Leather and walnut gift box
Individually numbered (0 to 1893) on bolster and box
Length (Closed): 4 inches
Weight: 5 ounces

février 01, 2013

Wenger devient Victorinox

Ce reportage de Canal Alpha revient sur l’absorption des activités coutelières de Wenger par Victorinox et des ses conséquences sur le site de production jurassienne de Délémont. L'activité est pérenisée, les emplois sauvegardés et de nouveaux investissements seront réalisés.

Plus d'info: 

janvier 30, 2013

Victorinox joins forces and integrates Wenger knife business

Eight years ago, the family-owned Swiss company Victorinox took over the long-established company Wenger, headquartered in Delémont, and has since managed it as a standalone subsidiary. Now Victorinox will integrate Wenger's knife business. This move eliminates duplication in the product range, responds to increased market demand and strengthens its competitive position internationally. In the future, Victorinox knives will also be made in Delémont and all employees will keep their jobs.

In 2005, Victorinox bought the long-established Wenger company in order to keep it in Swiss hands. Since then, Wenger has operated as an independent entity, sometimes in competition with Victorinox. Both companies have asserted themselves on the highly competitive international market.

Now Victorinox has decided to integrate the Wenger knife business. «Many consumers can hardly distinguish between the knife products from Victorinox and Wenger and the global fight for survival is getting increasingly fierce. That's why we are joining forces and focusing on one brand: Victorinox." says Carl Elsener, CEO of Victorinox.

The site in Delémont will be maintained. An assortment from the Wenger knife collection will be produced going forward under the brand name Victorinox. Wenger's watch and licensing business will continue. The Wenger branch in the US will be merged with the existing Victorinox headquarters based in Monroe (Connecticut).

With this move, Victorinox is looking to still better utilize its distribution strength. Competition requires clear strategic positioning, as well as the concentration of investments in products, product range and distribution. Consumers in turn expect a unique brand promise.

Peter Hug, CEO of Wenger: "We regret of course that we will no longer be producing Wenger knives in the future. The concentration of forces will allow the group to grow within the global competitive environment, to enhance the product range and to strengthen the Delémont site in the long term. So we are taking this step from a position of strength."

With the incorporation of the Wenger knife business, Victorinox is able to retain many years of experience in the areas of development and production from its well-established subsidiary. Together with its existing watch production in Porrentruy, the Victorinox Group remains a major employer in the canton of Jura.

For further information, please contact:
Urs Keiser, Media Spokesperson Victorinox AG
Phone + 41 41 818 18 53 ,

Rébecca Käslin, Media Spokesperson Wenger SA
Phone + 41 32 432 39 03 ,

Victorinox réunit ses forces en intégrant les couteaux Wenger

Entreprise familiale de Suisse centrale, Victorinox a repris il y a huit ans la société Wenger établie de longue date à Delémont et l’a gérée en tant que filiale indépendante depuis cette époque. Les couteaux Wenger seront intégrés dans Victorinox. Par cette mesure, la société remédie aux redondances de l'offre produits, réagit aux exigences accrues des marchés et renforce sa position face à la concurrence internationale. Le site de Delémont est maintenu pour la production des couteaux Victorinox. Toutes les collaboratrices et tous les collaborateurs garderont leur poste de travail.

En 2005, Victorinox a racheté l'entreprise de tradition Wenger, afin qu’elle demeure dans des mains Suisses. Depuis ce rachat, Wenger s'est maintenue en entreprise indépendante, en partie concurrente de Victorinox. Les deux entreprises se sont imposées dans le difficile contexte de la concurrence internationale.

Aujourd'hui, Victorinox a décidé d'intégrer les couteaux Wenger. «Nombreux sont les consommateurs qui ne font pratiquement pas la différence entre Victorinox et Wenger et au niveau mondial, la concurrence devient de plus en plus grande. C'est pourquoi nous réunissons nos forces dans le domaine des couteaux suisses en nous concentrant sur la marque Victorinox», explique Carl Elsener, CEO de Victorinox.

Le site de Delémont est conservé. Une sélection de la gamme de couteaux Wenger sera intégrée dans la collection des couteaux Victorinox. Les montres et les produits de licence Wenger continueront d’être commercialisés sous la marque Wenger. Le siège de la filiale USA de Wenger sera transféré au siège de Victorinox USA, à Monroe (Connecticut).

Avec l'intégration des couteaux Wenger, Victorinox entend renforcer davantage ses atouts au niveau de la distribution et de la perception de la marque. La férocité de la concurrence impose d'appliquer une stratégie de positionnement claire de la marque, ainsi qu'un regroupement des investissements en matière d'offre, de produits et de commercialisation. Le consommateur, quant à lui, attend de la marque un message clair.

«Nous regrettons évidemment de voir les couteaux Wenger disparaître à terme», précise Peter Hug, CEO de Wenger. «Mais ce regroupement de nos forces va permettre au groupe de croître dans un marché international très compétitif, d'affiner l'offre produits et de pérenniser le site de Delémont. Ce pas s’effectue donc dans un contexte de position de force.»

En intégrant les couteaux Wenger, Victorinox préserve les nombreuses années de savoir-faire de la filiale jurassienne dans le domaine du développement et de la production de couteaux. Avec la fabrication des montres actuellement située à Porrentruy, Victorinox demeure un important employeur du canton du Jura.

Pour tous renseignements complémentaires:
Urs Keiser, Porte-parole Victorinox AG
T + 41 41 818 18 53 ,

Rébecca Käslin, Porte-parole Wenger SA
T + 41 32 421 39 03 ,

Interview RTS Carl Elsener du 30 Janvier 2013

janvier 07, 2013

Crowdsourcing: Victorinox on Jovoto plateform for a new Design Contest

For the second year, Victorinox is experiencing a crowdsourcing contest for designing the new collection of classic knives.

Contestants have to create new design that will be bought mainly by a young (16 to 38-year-old) mostly femaletarget group, using the latest fashion trends and new motifs.

Discover the competion, the rules and how to participate:

Christopher Raeburn appointed Artistic Director for Victorinox Fashion

The fashion division of Victorinox, creators of the Original Swiss Army Knife, has appointed UK designer Christopher Raeburn as Artistic Director effective 1 January 2013. Based in London, Raeburn will continue to design and manage his namesake label in addition to his new duties at Victorinox. 

Ræburn is known for his pioneering work creating ethically aware and innovative men’s and womenswear collections from re-appropriated military fabrics. An MA graduate of the prestigious Royal College of Art in 2006, Ræburn launched in 2008 his label utilizing decommissioned military stocks of uniform and parachute fabrics to create functional, intelligent, and meticulously crafted garments. Ræburn’s signature designs are proudly REMADE IN ENGLAND in his small East London production facility and sold at some of the world’s best boutiques including Barneys New York, Harvey Nichols and Liberty of London, Isetan and United Arrows in Tokyo and colette in Paris. In 2010, he was the first designer awarded the prestigious NEWGEN sponsorship for both men’s and women’s collections in the same season. And in 2011 he received the British Fashion Award for Emerging Talent Menswear. 

Ræburn’s intellectual aesthetics, exceptional quality and fastidious attention to detail first caught the eye of Victorinox back in 2009. The brand commissioned him to create a REMADE IN SWITZERLAND capsule collection for Autumn/Winter 2011. He went on to continue his collaboration with Victorinox, launching the PROTECT capsule collection that has now become a pinnacle for the brand at both retail and key wholesale accounts. 

‘’I have taken great pride in the work that we have achieved with Victorinox through Remade in Switzerland and the Protect collections; it has been a great honor to be aligned with such a well respected company and so many skilled individuals’, explains Raeburn. ‘Now I see a great opportunity to push Victorinox fashion to the next level and I am looking forward to bringing my aesthetic and experience into the main collection’.

“In his role as Artistic Director, Christopher will be able to focus a creative eye on the full cycle, from mood board to the retail experience, benefitting the design and marketing teams with which he will be working very closely to improve the perception and performance of the collection,” said Joachim Beer, President Global Fashion for Victorinox.

Christopher Raeburn - Director of Victorinox Fashion

septembre 13, 2012

The Number 1 in ham slicing becomes ambassador for Victorinox knives

Florencio Sanchidrián – his skills are as extraordinary as his name. The Spaniard is namely also the world champion in ham slicing. In addition, he is a new "Friend of the Brand" for our household and professional knives. We are proud to have been able to add the voice of Sanchidrián, an experienced professional and artist, to those singing the praises of Victorinox knives. 

No matter how good a "jamón ibérico" (air-dried Spanish ham) may be, it takes Sanchidrián's artistry to slice it in such a way that it becomes a masterful delicacy. The Spaniard's track record is impressive: "Ham Slicing World Champion", "Gold Knife Champion", holder of the Guinness record for the "longest slice of ham", "Best Ham Slicing Master of the World" and "Ham World Ambassador" for the International Academy of Gastronomy. This naturally means that Sanchidrián is a popular guest at large events with public appeal, such as Grand Prix happenings, Olympic Games, Grand Slams or Champions League matches, but also at royal celebrations and political events. It goes without saying that he's a household name at gastronomy and tourism trade fairs too. 

So this man has a thing or two to offer; and above all, he has a goal: top quality – down to the last detail. This also makes him a perfect match for Victorinox knives. For instance, he uses only the best ham from the most accomplished producers, and relies on the strongest and sturdiest ham stands – and on premium-quality knives. 

Here, the master puts his trust in Swiss brands, or to be more exact: in the Victorinox salmon and ham slicing knife with a non-fluted edge. There are good reasons for this: our knives are made from the best steel, which possesses the necessary rigidity and the desired elasticity; they also satisfy all safety requirements. The Number 1 has already carved thousands of ibérico hams with Victorinox knives – without incident. 

In homage to the delicate art of ham slicing and as a sign of our quality-driven partnership, a signed series of Sanchidrián's favorite knife will soon be available for purchase in Spain.

mars 04, 2012

Cadet 5 Colors Limited Edition will be available in March

Victorinox will launch at the end of march a Cadet Alox run in 5 colors. Price will be around 45 euros (it depend where you live). If you want to reserve one, you have to ask to your closest retailer and can use this tool: Victorinox Store Locator

The Cadet boasts nine practical features and its vibrant colours lend it a highly contemporary flair. Hard-core devotees of the great outdoors will find this companion just as handy as latter-day nomads and hip city girls. 

The Cadet 5 Colors Limited Edition comes in a high-quality, unvarnished cow-hide wallet designed to develop a distinctive patina over time. Meanwhile the packaging fashioned from special unvarnished pulp and the gift set, which is 100% recyclable, fit in perfectly with Victorinox's ecological ethos.

This Limited Edition will be available for only 40 countries: 
  • USA
  • China HK Taiwan
  • Mexico
  • Russia
  • Great Britain
  • France
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Spain
  • Venezuela
  • Netherlands
  • Canada
  • Cech Republic
  • Australia
  • Chile
  • Argentina
  • South Africa
  • Malaysia
  • South Korea
  • Denmark
  • Ukraine
  • Panama
  • Hungary
  • Sweden
  • U.A.E.
  • Finland
  • Israel
  • Ireland
  • Brasil
  • Turkey
  • Singapore